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Recently Released:
The Last Human was published in the anthology entitled A Journey of Words in September 2016 through Scout Media.

Works in Progress: 
Here’s a list of my current works in progress!  Check back often for updates!

Short Stories:

  • Two short stories about a ghost to be submitted for the next installment of the Of Words series through Scout Media.  Check back soon for a preview!
  • A short story about a seeing eye dog to be self published in a currently untitled book of short stories.
  • A short story about mysterious travelers on a plane to be self published in a currently untitled book of short stories.


  • Saving Mallory
      • After a cosmic event hits the Earth with a devastating blow, the remaining citizens of a small mountain colony try to regrow society through reproduction.  They quickly find out that the cosmic event not only killed off a majority of the planet, but it greatly altered the DNA of those that survived as well.  As women begin to become pregnant, a common trend appears – they are all carrying twins.  Years go by, and eventually the true nature of the altered genes begins to show.  One twin is “good” and one is “bad.”  To combat this, when all new twins turn 18, the government separates the good from the bad and the legacy citizens. This plan works well until Melody heads off to begin her new adult life in the Beam, the center for education and prosperity in the new world. Melody stumbles upon a shocking truth and sets out to save her sister, Mallory, from the horrible fate that awaits her in the unforgiving streets of the Ward.
  • A Sequel to The Last Human
    • A sequel to The Last Human that documents the travels of Oliver, a robot trying to find any evidence of human life left on Earth.

Shelved Ideas:

  • The Fischer Chronicles (a prologue & trilogy)
    • Dreams of the Past: A Prelude to The Fischer Chronicles
      • Dean is a recent high school graduate with no real focus or direction in his life.  After the death of his grandfather, Dean begins having dreams and experiences what he believes are hauntings that lead him to discover an untold family history… one that goes back to Biblical times and will change his life, and the lives of everyone around him, forever.
    • Dean: Book One of The Fischer Chronicles
      • Set three years after the events of Dreams of the Past, Dean is still dealing with the fallout of his ancestral discovery and everything that immediately followed.  Now Dean and his group of misfit survivors must leave the comfort of their lakeside refuge and face the unknown world that lay before them.
    • Peter: Book Two of The Fischer Chronicles
      • The events of Dean continued…
    • Book Three of The Fischer Chronicles
      • The conclusion of the trilogy…